LETTER: Fracking should be avoided

Protest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood ForestProtest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood Forest
Protest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood Forest
Further to last week's Chad article, 'Fury over fracking plans near Major Oak'.

Just to thank this paper for doing what a “local” paper should do – keep its readership informed and updated. 
Thanks also to those brave souls who organised this recent anti-fracking event and who regularly give up their precious time to warn others of the issues some feel will be dumped on us all, despite all the well-documented horrors around the world associated with hydraulic fracturing.

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I suggest those naïve enough to think this carving up of our country will actually lead to a lowering of fuel prices and provide the area with jobs, should do more research. Firstly, there isn’t enough shale gas in UK/Europe to be able to change market prices. Secondly, the figures put out by the fracking industry about creating jobs has no breakdown of how they reach their conclusions and no mention that, as I understand, at least a third would be overseas. 
What’s more, most fracked wells can only produce sufficient quantities for about one-to-threeyears anyway, so in my view it’s hardly the way to booming employment. 
For all our sakes, fracking is something that must be avoided at all costs, in my view.
To this end I thank Sir Alan Meale, Mansfield MP, for his comments and let him have the final word: “Mansfield is prone to subsidence because of coal mining. “Fracking in the area is madness. 
“They are doing this for personal gain while putting people at risk. 
“I have told them straight up that I am opposing this.” 
Hear, hear Sir Alan. Need I say more?

Steve Hardy

Forest Town

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