LETTER: Don’t turn a blind eye to our environment

Anti-fracking demonstrators at the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest
Anti-fracking demonstrators at the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

Locally our area is currently at risk. The fracking giants are ever moving closer to our district with consequences unchangeable.

Nationally, in the media the anti-fracking campaign has been gathering increasingly more coverage, but so many people are still unaware of the alleged devastation that will be caused.

There are claims our house prices will be affected, our water contaminated, our wildlife disturbed, our landscapes permanently damaged.

In the modern world we should be keeping fossil fuels down in the ground and focusing on renewables. The environment has suffered enough. The Midlands Young Green Committee is pushing for the younger generations to step forward, united with us, to protect our future and local areas.

Together we can make a difference. 
In June I gave away 50 packets of wildflower seeds to people up and down the country who like me are concerned about the colossal decline in bees.

Earlier in the month I joined the Frack Free Warsop group at the carnival to gather signatures in a call to the county council to reject seismic testing on county land.

Together we collected 500 signatures.

We are responsible for this earth and more of us should begin to take more of that responsibility, especially those in government at all levels.

It’s now also down to the local press to call Mansfield to action, for a cleaner and greener district. Publicise what good the population can achieve for our area.

Kate Skillen

Social media and press officer

Midlands Young Greens