LETTER: Diagnosed and treated within three days

On the evening of Monday, January 2, I booked an online appointment with my GP in Ollerton, for 8.55am on Tuesday, January 3.

Saturday, 28th January 2017, 11:30 am
King's Mill was placed in Special Measures by the CQC after mortality rates was found too high.
King's Mill was placed in Special Measures by the CQC after mortality rates was found too high.

I turned up for my appointment and the GP noted I had a slow heart rate, which accounted for my dizziness after any minor exertion.

She arranged an urgent electrocardiogram test of my heart there and then, and after seeing the result said I should go straight to King’s Mill Hospital as it appeared to her I may need a heart pacemaker. 
After going home to pack a bag we drove to the hospital. 
I was seen within 10 minutes of arriving in A&E and after another ECG was whisked to the A&E treatment area for monitoring. 
My heartbeat hovered about 30 to 34. 
Various doctors assessed my condition and further tests were done.

I was admitted and, to cut a long story short, I had my pacemaker fitted on Wednesday, January 4, and was home on Thursday, January 5. 
Throughout this stressful time, I received outstanding care and attention from every NHS employee with whom I had any interaction and I cannot imagine how the treatment could have been improved.

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Given the bad press the NHS receives on occasion, I hope sharing my recent experience helps to highlight the great work performed by our NHS. It is too valuable a national asset to put at risk, as the Tory Government seems willing to allow to happen with piecemeal privatisation and outsourcing of services. 
As a member of the Green Party, I’m proud to say my party is as enthusiastic as I am about providing a properly funded NHS to provide world-class care to anyone in need.

Brian Ross

Church Lane, Boughton

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