LETTER: Concern for young girl out alone

After a one-off visit to a store on Ravensdale Road in Mansfield, I was approached by a young girl, aged about eight, who asked me if she had enough money to buy the loaf of bread she was holding.

Friday, 27th January 2017, 1:30 pm

I reassured her she had and she went to pay for it.

She was a pleasant little girl together with good manners, but I was shocked that she was on her own at 5pm, as it was dark and wet outside. 
I have a granddaughter of the same age and I found it very upsetting and distressing that a young child was not with a parent. 
My daughter would never dream of sending my granddaughter out alone at anytime of day. 
I had a cry when I left the store and couldn’t stop thinking about her all night.

I only pray she returned home safely.

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Suzanne Whibberley

By email