LETTER: Concentrate on filling the empty shops

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So Councillor Rickersey is dismissive of my signature, along with 4,000 others. His excuse? “The headings, save our market” that’s a play on words councillor, and you know it.

It’s also dismissive of the hundreds of people who have no access to the internet.

You say you have lived in Mansfield all your life, well you will also know how long we have had a Westgate market then?

Have you ever looked at Buttercross monument on Westgate?

That is where they used to sell butter on market days, years ago. Mansfield is a market town and Westgate is part of our market.

I have shopped in Westgate for too many years to remember, I still have a set of plates bought from a stall outside the old Littlewoods shop, remember that? The Granada cinema used to be veg stalls up that way on market day.

So Westgate has a long tradition. But if you would answer my question, why is it important Westgate is closed? It would be better if the council tell us, when all these fancy new stalls are laid out, and the “white elephant” of the fountain is up and running again, what will keep the stall holders dry when the wind blows the fountain water over them? This makeover is one of many over the years, why not leave alone something that is starting to work, there are more stalls now, and concentrate on filling the empty shops?

M. Humphries

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