LETTER: Candidates are just speculation

A ballot box.
A ballot box.

Your correspondent K. Widdowson (Chad October 25) says that he will stay at home at the next General Election because he has heard that John Prescott’s son could be set to be the Labour Party candidate for Mansfield.

In a similar vein, the Chad has referred to Melanie Darrington as a ‘Labour Parliamentary hopeful’.

In order to clear up any confusion, can I inform readers that the individuals referred to (and others) may well have expressed an interest in fighting the Mansfield seat but the process has not yet started, not even the shortlisting, so speculation is somewhat premature.

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Your readers need to be aware that the party locally will be shortlisting candidates in the near future. Those chosen will then be able to campaign, speak to members and hold hustings all within a defined spending limit.

After that, every single member of Mansfield Labour Party will vote in a secret ballot for the candidate of their choice on a one member, one vote basis.

I would therefore urge your correspondent, who is a life-long Labour voter, to await the outcome of the vote by the 600-odd Labour members in Mansfield and then get behind the democratically chosen candidate.

Paul Bradshaw

By email