LETTER: A bypass would solve everyone's problems

There is a serious conflict of interest along the stretch of the A611 Derby Road which passes through the built-up residential area on the edge of Kirkby and Annesley.

Friday, 14th April 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm

This conflict is between local needs on the one hand (better safety, access, quality of life, less noise, dirt and pollution), and the needs of through-traffic amounting to 26,000 vehicles on a normal working weekday on the other hand. At peak times this traffic can reach saturation point, resulting in huge tailbacks.

In this situation, the ideal solution, satisfying the needs of both parties, is a bypass. The county council has refused to make plans for such an option, despite requests for a bypass going back more than 20 years.

Instead, there are proposals to adapt the existing road to take even more traffic expected from extra residential and commercial developments in the development plan.

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The county council has three key goals in its transport plan. One talks about encouraging sustainable and healthy transport.

Another states: minimise the impacts of transport on people’s lives, maximise opportunities to improve the environment and help tackle carbon emissions.

Obviously, in my view, this only applies where it is convenient, and not to the residents living on or near this stretch of road.

John Nurse

Derby Road,

Kirkby in Ashfield