LETTER: Building bridges, or not in the case of Mansfield District Council

Question: How long would it take the British Army to construct a bridge to enable tanks, lorries and heavy equipment to cross a river? Answer: Hours.

Question: How long did it take Railtrak to repair a bridge on the Nottingham to St Pancras main railway line to enable the train timetable to resume?

Answer: A couple of days.

Question: How long will it take Mansfield District Council to repair wooden planks on a footbridge over a stream on the Manor sports complex at Mansfield Woodhouse?

Answer: Months and more as nothing has been done. There has actually been more time and effort spent continually replacing the vandalised temporary ‘health & safety’ barrier at each end of the bridge to block pedestrian access than it would take to undertake a full repair.


Mansfield Woodhouse