LETTER: Build your own home to get on the property ladder

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The housing shortage, rocketing rents and sky-high house prices mean that quality, affordable homes are out of reach for many people. 
But, all over the country, communities are refusing to be beaten by the housing crisis by building their own.

That’s why, at Locality, we are encouraging people to tackle the housing crisis head-on by building their own.

Our new programme will help local people start up their own projects to provide affordable, decent homes for themselves, their families and their communities.

Our scheme will help groups start up their own community-led housing projects – where communities build or manage their own housing developments – and is being funded with a grant of £160,000 from the Nationwide Foundation.

It will support 22 groups across England to get started in building homes for their communities.

Community-led housing can help tackle the following problems facing neighbourhoods: n Young people struggling to get on the housing ladder because of high house prices;

n Older residents who want to down-size but can’t find the right properties without moving out of the area;

n Those in need such as unemployed people or single parents, who have little chance of finding decent local houses;

n A limited supply of reasonably priced family homes – developers are not building the kind of homes people want or need;

n Long waiting lists for social housing

To apply for the Locality Early Stage Support Programme visit http://locality.org.uk/projects/communityled-housing/early-stage-support

Tony Armstrong

Chief Executive,Locality