Letter: Ben Bradleyis just making a noise - Kate Allsopp

MP Ben Bradley
MP Ben Bradley

Dear Sir,

Ben Bradley must be aware of an election coming.

He is making lots of political noise on numerous issues over which he has no control or indeed influence. He is just making a noise to demonstrate he is our MP.

Ben has an open invitation to come and see me and the CEO but he chooses not to.

Mansfield District Council has asked for Ben’s support on two issues at Westminster; the electrification of Midland Mainline which the Government has pulled funding for, and a national data base for taxi drivers which would help protect vulnerable people using taxi’s country wide. On both counts he has failed us.

Those are Government decisions which he should be concentrating on representing Mansfield residents at Westminster.

Ben’s latest effort at self-promotion in last week’s Chad was to suggest free parking in Mansfield town centre. He did not need to do a survey to get the answers he now proclaims.

Everybody would say yes to free car parking but the reality is that there is no actual evidence that shows a car parking charge actually decreases the footfall in the town centre.

In fact as Mansfield’s Mayor I introduced free 30 minute parking with an extra free hour in our multi-story car parks in 2016. Sorry Ben you’re a bit late!

Ben’s Government has cut our funding by 58% almost £6 million it is predicted under this current administration by 2020 our Government grant will have gone completely.

By good management and using our assets to create wealth, MDC’s share of Council Tax has not increased.

I know how difficult it will be for residents when County Council put their share up 4.9% and the Police and Crime Commissioner the same.

Revenue collected from MDC’s car parks raises around £1.5m and plays an important part in maintaining services to our community. Incidentally MDC’s car parking charges are the lowest across North Nottinghamshire.

But, and it’s a huge but, if Ben Bradley can persuade PM Theresa May to part with £1.5 million we will gladly accept his offer to pay for free car parking.

Finally, I have repeatedly suggested to Ben that he needs to work with the Council. It’s MDC that delivers many local services and as Executive Mayor my door is always open to meet with him to benefit our residents. Political grandstanding will not count for many votes when he fails to deliver on all the promises that he is making as he tries to position himself as Mansfield’s saviour.


Kate Allsop

Executive Elected Mayor