LETTER: Bays are there for disabled motorists

Blue badge
Blue badge

I wish they would put lines across the disabled bays on Leeming Street in Mansfield to define the bays.

On Leeming Street you get works vans and delivery vans parked in bays for green badge holders.

If I parked and my badge was upside down I would soon get a ticket.

If they can park and not get one, why not park somewhere else and leave the bays for those who need them?

There’s been a skip on White Hart Street for the past three weeks.

On the run up to Christmas, stalls on West Gate meant badge holders lost parking spaces.

They have the green badge because they cannot walk far through illness, struggles breathing, heart problems or injuries.

Is it not discrimination or human rights not to be able to park on Thursday, Friday or Saturday against the blue and green badge holders?

Bob Lazenby

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