LETTER: Allotment holders are being targeted

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Mansfield District Council has proposed another inflation-breaking rent rise of 14 per cent on their allotments while only increasing other leisure facilities by two per cent. They say it is to reflect the cost of their service. Mansfield Woodhouse Allotment Association Ltd collect rents on behalf of the council and undertake the day-to-day running of their sites — no cost incurred there then.

Allotments in Mansfield also enjoy the lack of any sanitary facilities, no parking facilities, no disabled facilities and very little, if any, security. Then, unlike other leisure facilities, there is no concessions for OAPs. New allotment gardeners are left to fend for themselves, soon to become a member of the ‘ I used to have an allotment’ club.

I did not want to step into this arena but I have no intention of sitting idly by while the powers that be keep up this constant attack on allotment gardeners.

Rob Foster

Mansfield Woodhouse