LETTER: A day to remember all wars


At this time of year we approach the Sunday when, as a nation, we remember the sacrifices of so many servicemen, and women, also civilians who kept many safe from overhead bombing in towns and cities all over the UK as all gave service to this country in time of war.

Up and down the country remembrance services will take place in so many differing locations. Most will follow a traditional format including parade, flags, bands even and one might be forgiven for thinking this is the respectful way to remember loved ones who fell by enemy action. Attendances at differing churches and war memorials will differ, as indeed those they remember will. It is time though to remember, not only the wars of the 20th century, but also the 21st century, whilst also perhaps thinking of other wars this country has fought in, or just wars, wherever they break out.

For the last eight years a ‘different’ service has been offered in the grounds of Mansfield’s Nottingham Road Cemetery, first in the chapel followed by a small walk to the war memorial without names which faces houses on Nottingham Road. It will be there at that memorial set right next to graves of those returning from, then dying from, the effects of WW1 that a roll call will be read. People from all faiths, perhaps those not of the official faiths of England, those from differing lands and ethnicity, or those with no faith (like me) are equally welcome to this service with a different format. It is the kind permission of Mansfield District Council that makes this kind of service possible and I encourage all to come along and hear a different approach, no drums, no flags (I don’t think) no parades, no ‘finery’ just respectful people gathered in everyday clothes. An open welcome to all is guaranteed. Please join us. Should you wish to have the name of a loved one read out at the roll call contact me direct on 01623 555969, or telephone the cemetery office on 01623 621811.

Don’t forget, but remember with gratitude.

Mr D. B. Sharpe ALCM ATCL

Regional organiser


British Humanist Association