Let’s clean up this mess

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I have this week driven and walked through Sutton-in-Ashfield and I am totally dismayed and saddened by the amount of litter and dog mess that is abundant in the district.

Just driving along the A38 to the M1, then along the Marr Route, now all the trees and shrubs are leafless,just shows the amount of litter that is predominant in these areas.

Walking from Huthwaite to Sutton and around the paths of the Coxmoor Estate in Kirkby, when visiting a retative, I was unsure how to negotiate the paths without stepping in dog mess, and the amount of litter at Sutton Parkway Station makes it look like a landfill site.What is the situation coming to?

The A38 and the Marr Route litter must come from the vehicles, and one finds that if an area is already littered people are less concerned about adding to the problem. As such, they will not feel as guilty, but they are, shame on them.

I recognise that most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, but a small minority continue to cause problems for the residents who have a right to live in an Ashfield that is clean, safe and litter and dog mess free.

One may say it is the fault of the council but, I have to point out, the council did not put the litter and dog mess down, and we should not be employing people to pick up the litter. The litter should be deposited in the bins provided in the first place.

Prevention of the litter problem could save the council thousands of pounds and so reduce council tax—so there is an incentive, especially when it is realised that more than two million pieces of litter are dropped on the streets, costing more than £1billion in cleaning it up . How many hospitals could benefit from that amount of money?

May I suggest a big clean up of Ashfield involving councils and councillors, businesses, communities and residents? Forward your comments to the Chad newsdesk.

Away from the problems in the district, to congratulating our nine primary schools in the area for taking part in the swimming gala event at the Lammas Leisure Centre.

What a joy it was to see all the children enjoying the swimming competition with top class sportsmanship, clapping all the swimmers even if they were unable to win. They could show our professional footballers what sportsmanship is all about.

I wish to thank SLM who run the leisure centre on behalf of Ashfield District Council, the schools and teachers for encouraging the children to enter into competition and the instructors who arranged the races and the time keeping, for without them no competition could take place. What a wonderful achievement for our schools in Ashfield.