Lazy parkers should be fined


Fair play to Tesco.

That’s what I say.

Fair play to them for taking a stance against motorists who wrongly park in disabled and parent and child bays.

I know some say Tesco does not have the power to issue fines – whether that’s the case or not, I don’t really care.

But something has to be done to clamp down on those who feel the need to flout the rules so they can park right next to the entrance when they go shopping.

I say hit them in the pocket – perhaps then the message will finally be driven home to them if their weekly shopping bill is doubled with a parking fine too, whether it be from the courts,Tesco or whoever!

Let’s be honest, is there any wonder we’re a nation which soon could rival the US in the obesity stakes when folk can’t face a walk of more than a few metres at the local supermarket.

It’s pure laziness – and ignorance.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people without a blue badge or a child parking in one of the bays.

Of course, take a trip to Tesco on Jubilee Way in Mansfield and you’ll not only see motorists wrongly parking in bays but also on the double yellow lines outside the main entrance.

And don’t get me started on shoppers who park on the chevrons outside Aldi in town simply because they can’t be bothered to park in a bay 30 seconds away from the store.

Because I’m a pedant and have an endless list of bug bears – which is why I write a column of this nature – I have tweeted photos of said offenders in the past.

They always get a good response – as did this week’s news concerning Tesco when I tweeted about it on Monday.

And those who say there shouldn’t be designated parent and child bays are wrong .

As a parent myself – and I’m sure others will testify – it can be a struggle to get a young child out of a vehicle in a car park.

I’m sure those who moan about preferential treatment given to parents wouldn’t be against such bays if their car was damaged by a mother or father struggling to open the door in a tightly-fitting parking space.

News of Tesco’s crackdown reminds me of the time I reported a lazy motorist who had parked in a parent and child bay at a DIY store in the town. The staff member just shrugged his shoulders at me, which peeved me even more!

Therefore, I wish Tesco every success with this initiative and hope other stores soon follow in its footsteps.

n I hate the long, dark nights. Summer is now a distant memory and we’ve even had the first frost of autumn.

Of course, the long, dark nights also signal the arrival of even more reality shows on our TV.

The Apprentice is now back on our screens to curry favour with a society obsessed with wannabe celebs with zero talent and very little else going for them.

Apparently, the latest installment of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls featured those household names Ollie Locke and Lydia Bright of Made in Chelsea and TOWIE fame.

No, me neither. But celebs they are . . .

As for Honey G, is that the latest offering from the Kellogg’s conveyor belt?

Ashley Booker