Laurey’s happy ever after tale

Laurey Buckland - (Photo by Ian Kuc)
Laurey Buckland - (Photo by Ian Kuc)

A Mansfield woman has published her first novel – a light hearted tale about happily ever afters in the modern world.

Laurey Buckland (27), said she was inspired to write after having a short story published last year in an anthology of new writers and after listening to countless stories from her girlfriends about love, life and career dilemmas.

‘A Girl’s Guide to Fairy Tales’ is available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Sony e-readers, as well as on iBooks.

“Fairy tales are timeless, reflecting universal themes of social class, love, money, appearance, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between, otherwise known as real life,” said Laurey.

“In my story there are no Fairy Godmothers to put things right or handsome princes to rescue damsels in distress. Instead my characters rely on the support of friends and family, as well as their own grit and determination.”

“This helps them to discover those elusive happily ever afters, which I believe every man and woman hopes to find, whether they realise it or not. 
“The book has had a great response so far and I just hope it continues. I would love my fairy tale ending of becoming a successful author to come true and there is no better place to look for support than your hometown.”

Laurey is currently working on her next romantic novel, which will be available in the new year.