Langwith family’s joy as daughter home from hospital for Christmas

Mia Hollingworth, who suffers from epilepsy, will be home for Christmas, pictured with mum Kayleigh and brother Rhys.
Mia Hollingworth, who suffers from epilepsy, will be home for Christmas, pictured with mum Kayleigh and brother Rhys.

Toddler who has a rare form of epilepsy was taken to hospital in mid December but family are “over the moon” she is now well enough to be home for Christmas.

Little Mia Hollingworth is only one-and-a-half and has Dravet Syndrome which is incurable and earlier in the month she suffered a very bad seizure and needed medical care at Kings Mill Hospital.

Family friend Rachel Wood, who runs the Hope for Mia charity page, said: “She has left hospital on Christmas Eve Eve and everyone is so happy.”

Mum Kayleigh, 28, has her birthday on New year’s Eve and having Mia home will be an extra present said Rachel.

The family, who live on Woodlands Avenue, first had to take Mia to hospital when she was just four months old when she had her first seizure doctors thought she was having febrile convulsions.

This was followed by two more seizures in two months and doctors then tested her for epilepsy. The results came back that she had a very rare strand of the disease.

“It is so tough on the family,” said Rachel, “Mia has an older brother Rhys, 10, and it is tough for him and would have made for a horrible Christmas if she was in hospital.”

Rhys has recently been awarded sibling of the year by Dravet who understand how having such a poorly sister can impact on his quality of life.

Kayleigh, who used to own a salon in Worksop but had to move to Langwith as it was too difficult to keep it up and running with hospital appointments.

“Everyone is so exhausted, so I am really pleased Mia is coming home - it is great news.

“Kayleigh and husband Dean, have not been sleeping properly as they wants to make sure Mia doesn’t fit in the night so is running on empty currently.”

Mia’s seizures are triggered by getting too hot or when she is poorly and before this stint in hospital she suffered a chest infection because the Dravet Syndrome lowers her immune system which then may have brought on this seizure.

Rachel said: “She was in for longer than normal this time because she was on oxygen but when they took her off it to see if she could cope on her own her sats plummeted so she had to stay in for longer.

“Her little body is so tired.”

Speaking on the Facebook charity page Kayleigh gave her thanks to the nurses on Ward 25. She said: “The care on this ward and love is truly amazing. I can’t thank these nurses enough.

“I just feel like I want to shout it out to everyone how amazing they are and have been on every admission Mia has had.

“I don’t know what we would do without you.”
Rachel added: “We are all over the moon that Mia is back with her family for Christmas.”