Landscape photography exhibition set for Hucknall Library

Hucknall Library’s exhibition space will definitely be worth visiting in February if you can appreciate the beauty of British landscapes.

Beeston photographer, Martin Leighton, will be sharing his pictures with the public in one of his first exhibitions.

Scenes of Welsh and Scottish mountains together with captured drama in the Peak District will be on offer.

“I got into photography about 10 years ago and have been taking pictures on and off since as sometimes life gets in the way,” explained Martin who is self-taught. “Landscapes are my love as it’s a way of mixing my interest in photography with being in the great outdoors.”

The 29 year-old would love to make a living from his work but in the meantime he has a driving job and a gardening role in the summer months.

It’s not simply a case of snapping away wherever he happens to be though as Martin prepares in advance for many of his pictures.

“The weather plays a huge part in creating the right light and sky in my pieces,” explained Martin. “So I check the weather in advance and the pressure charts to ensure that where I am going it will be right for the pictures I want to achieve.”

The artist is a traditionalist using a medium format Pentax 67II camera with film not the typical digital formats used by the majority.

“It is completley manual and it is all about getting the right exposure - I don’t use digital manipulation the only way I maximise on the detail is by using a polarising filter and perhaps a filter to darken the skies.”

Martin’s work will also feature in Amateur Photographer magazine’s February edition to coincide with the Hucknall exhibition which opens on 10th February until early March.

All images on display will be for sale. For more information visit