Land survey planned after seven tonnes of rock falls close to Mansfield homes

Stone Bank, Berry Hill, Mansfield, scene of rock falls.
Stone Bank, Berry Hill, Mansfield, scene of rock falls.

LANDSLIDE experts will carry out a study of a quarry face in Mansfield after seven tonnes of rock fell just yards from a row of homes.

Mansfield District Council has employed ground engineering firm Halcrow to survey the 30 metre-high face behind homes on Stone Bank. The road forms part of an estate built in the old quarry off Berry Hill Lane.

The council described a “reasonable-sized” rock fall in recent months which landed in the buffer zone between the back gardens of houses on Stone Bank and the cliff face.

A drop-in session at Titchfield Park on Monday evening explained to worried residents how the survey will be conducted, but insisted it was not a time to panic.

Martyn Thurman, head of neighbourhood services at the council, said: “For the residents who see it at the back of their garden, it is worrying.

“We want to carry out a detailed study, it’s better to be sure. We are not panicking, it’s just good management.

“If seven tonnes can fall we want to know if more can. The buffer zones did their job but it’s understandable that people worry when they see it.”

London-based Halcrow will conduct the study and present the results in spring next year.

They will look at a screen of pine trees on the edge of the cliff face, planted by the quarry company. It is not certain whether they could potentially fall, or could de-stabilise the cliff edge if removed.

Mr Thurman added: “We’ve had a mixed reaction from residents because there are those who live at the top of the cliff and those that at the bottom, so there are different agendas. “We don’t want to be scare mongering, it’s just about keeping people informed.”