Land deal upsets locals

Huthwaite residents who live next to a field involved in a controversial land deal have voiced their concerns about the sites access, views and the impact it will have on the environment.

Tuesday, 29th August 2017, 7:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:14 pm
Credit: Google Maps, Land off Chesterfield Road Huthwaite under purchase consideration from Ashfield DistrictCouncil

Ashfield District Council are looking to buy land off Chesterfield Road which would unlock a piece of adjacent council-owned land, running behind Clegg Hill Drive.

The authority hopes to then sell it to developers to eventually build around 100 homes.

Barbs Walters, 67, who lives on Clegg Hill, said: “We have to accept that there could be houses built on that field, I am not happy but what can you do about it.”

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The land off Chesterfield Road which the council hope to buy has existing planning for 37 dwellings, with an access off Chesterfield Road.

Planning for the site was originally turned down by the council but was accepted after it went to appeal.

Alice Hallam, 67, also of Clegg Hill, said: “If they take that land there will be no were for children to play and for people to walk their dogs anymore.

“Having an access on Chesterfield Road will be dangerous, busses go on that road, it only takes someone coming up that road too fast. It will also spoil everyone’s view of the fields and the fields behind.”

Council leaders have defended their decision to buy the three acres of land, which they say will bring much-needed housing into the area and bring in revenue.

Misty Davis, 29, said: “We would probably move if houses were going to be built. One of the main reasons we brought this house was because of the views.

“My partner has had trouble on Chesterfield Road before where his car has gone skidding.”

Scott Evans, 28, said: “I walk my dog there all the time, the views are one of the reasons I brought the house. The streets are busy enough without the extra traffic.”

Residents also raised concerns about the impact the houses will have on the environment. Shirley Roberts, 69, said: “I do not know why they have to destroy the land and take it from the wild life. They are only bothered about the money.”

Jason Darius, 34, said: “I do not get why they do not want to use a brown site instead. I see bats flying around the field at night and the field is filled with wild flowers.”