Ladies knit red to support forces

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Several Mansfield Woodhouse ladies have been knitting poppies tirelessly this month to support the armed forces.

They are part of a ‘knit and natter’ group at Mansfield Woodhouse Library.

One of the ladies is 91-year-old Vera Franks, who was part of the Women’s Land Army, farming potatoes in the Second World War.

The project is part of Mansfield District Council’s drive to put on a display of knitted and crocheted poppies in the centre of Mansfield for Remembrance Sunday on November 12.

Vera said: “It was hard work being in the Land Army, we had to move away from home.

“It makes me proud making poppies to support the Royal British Legion.

“It is really friendly here, they make you laugh. I am normally on my own so it gets me out of the house.”

The group of around seven women meet every Thursday at 2pm at the Church Street library.

They have now knitted over 100 poppies for the display.

Chris Woodward, 50, from the group, said: “I suffer with anxiety, Joan Sahara who also comes is my neighbour and got me to come.

“It is great going with some one else. I have known the library all of my life, staff are wonderful and very helpful.”

The group are welcoming any newcomers.

Jenny Hodson, 67, said: “There is always a lot of natter.

“You do have a good laugh and anyone can come and join in.”

They also make other knitting and crocheting items while they meet.

Joan Sahara, 64, said: “You can bring what ever you want .

“I think it is a great idea to make these poppies for Remembrance Day.

“The wool for the poppies is provided and the pattern is simple and easy for people to do.

“Come and join in and have a laugh.”

For more information about joining the group ring Mansfield Woodhouse Library on 01623 621781.