Labour regains control of Mansfield Council

LABOUR has regained control of the new-look, slimmed down Mansfield District Council.

The party, which lost out to the Independents in the last two district council elections, triumphed 26-10. It means returning Mayor Tony Egginton, elected for a third term earlier in the day after two recounts on the second choice votes, will have to work with a Labour authority.

Well known councillors to lose their seats included June Stendall (MIF), Veronica Goddard (LD), former deputy mayor Phil Smith, MIF leader Barry Answer, cabinet member Eddie Smith (MIF) and David Harrison (LAB)

This year for the first time, the council adopted a new single ward member system - just one councillor for each of the district’s 36 new smaller wards.

The system replaced the old 19 wards, which each had two or three councillors, and has led to the number of councillors being reduced from 46 to 36.


Peafields: Sonya Ward (Lab) wins with 347 votes; Veronica Goddard (LD) 293; Denise Answer (MIF) 260

Market Warsop: John Kerr (Lab) wins with 486 votes; Jo Scully (MIF) 197; Rachael Briggs (LD) 35

Woodlands: David Smith (MIF) wins with 392 votes; Mutahear Chowdury (Lab) 270; Marj Barnes (LD) 85

Netherfield: Derek Evans (MIF) wins with 444 votes. David Harrison (Lab) 401 Matthew Dale (LD) 34

Grange Farm: Ron Jelley (MIF) wins with 634 votes. James Ellis (LD) 56; Ralph Barker (Lab) 234); Liam McFarland (C) 99

Racecourse: Steve Garner (MIF) wins with 533 votes. Fiona Hay (LD) 38; Phil Oldknow (Lab) 281; Martin Ward (Ind) 20

Oakham: Kate Allsop wins MIF with 444 votes. John Coxhead (Lab) 403; Vanessa Foale (LD) 67

Brick Kiln: Terrence Clay (Lab) wins 441; June Stendall (MIF) 297; Kristyna Ellis (LD) 62

Manor: Katrina Atherton (LAB) wins 480 votes; Peter Cooke (LD) 81; Ann Edwards (MIF) 336; David Hamilton (UKIP) 226

Sandhurst: Adrian Harpham (Lab) wins with 402 votes; Mark Robinson (LD) 87; Eddie Smith (MIF) 290

King’s Walk: Colin Clayton (Lab) wins with 210 votes; Bobo (Con) 116; Barsby (LD) 131; Eyre (MIF) 171

Holly: Martin Wright (MIF) wins with 434 votes; Darren Langton (Lab) 363; Kyle Duncan (LD) 105

Ladybrook: Sally Higgins (Lab) wins with 497 votes; David Brown (MIF) 194; Nicholas Spencer (LD) 77

Penniment: Stuart Richardson (Lab)) wins with 486 votes; Ward (LD) 51; Wilkinson (MIF) 322

Maun Valley: Mick Barton (MIF) wins with 351 votes; Pieczka (Lab) 313

Warsop Carr: Peter Crawford (Lab) wins with 608 votes; Flores (LD) 57; Kurylo (MIF) 152

Sherwood: Julia Yemm (Lab) wins with 427 votes; Barry Answer (MIF) 274; Tracy Marriott (LD) 40

Hornby: Joyce Bosnjak (Lab) wins with 315 votes; Phil Smith (LD) 204; Andrea Hamilton (UKIP) 178; Dave Vann (MIF) 150

Lindhurst: Roger Sutcliffe (MIF) wins with 436 votes; Cullen (Lab) 240; Frost (Green) 78; Quick (LD) 57; Stafford (Con) 311

Park Hall: Dorothy Beastall (Lab) wins with 482 votes; Davidson (MIF) 294; Shacklock (LD) 58.

Oak Tree: Vaughan Hopwell (Lab) wins with 346 votes; Cross (MIF)138; McFarland (CON) 118; Wilson (LD) 21

Broomhill: Denis O’Neill (Lab) wins with 504 votes; John Milnes (MIF) 220; Becki Heywood (LD) 53

Yeoman Hill: Philip Shields (Lab) wins with 399 votes; Andreou (Con) 106; Hibbert (MIF) 259; Seymour (Soc) 61, Weijers (LD) 59

Ling Forest: Charles Hammersley (Lab) wins with 401 votes; Glasby (Con) 212; Hay (LD) 38; Fell (MIF 266

Meden: Andy Wetton (lab) wins with 696 votes; Oiercy (MIF) 157; Jennings (LD) 48

Berry Hill: Andrew Tristram (MIF) wins with 613 votes. McFarland (Con) 374; Yemm (Lab) 169; Haywood (LD) 60

Eakring: Martin Lee (Lab) wins with 427 votes; Briggs (LD) 38; Colgan (Con) 134; Drewett (MIF) 332

Bull Farm/Pleasley Hill: Mick Colley (Lab) wins with 593 votes; Jervis (MIF) 252; Plazcek (LD) 60

Ransom Wood: John Smart (Lab) wins with 425 votes; Allsop (MIF) 78; Lowery (LD) 237

Carr Bank: Christine Smith (MIF) wins with 347 votes. Winterton (Lab) 320; Goddard (LD) 35

KIngsway: Nick Bennett (Lab) wins with 430 votes; Bull (Green) 55; Hall (LD) 67; Hough (MIF) 202; Ward (Ind) 64

Portland: Brian Lohan (Lab) wins with 298 votes; Abbs (MIF) 115; Moss (Con) 51; Spencer (LD) 22

Newgate: Paul Henshaw (Lab) wins with 296 votes; Kingswood (LD) 21; Ragis (Con) 32; Sissons (MIF) 231

Abbott: Sharron Adey (Lab) wins with 418 votes; Ellis (LD) 56; McCrossan (MIF) 394; Stevens (Con) 149

Newlands: Denise Moody (Lab) wins with 426 votes; Boole (LD) 22; Button (Green) 35; Hallam(MIF) 265; Marshall (Con) 150

Woodhouse: Amanda Fisher (Lab) wins with 478 votes; Hodgkins (LD) 52; Noble (MIF) 247.