Labour lose out in Ashfield Nottinghamshire County Council elections


It was a bad day for the Labour party in Ashfield as just one councillor John Knight was returned to Nottinghamshire County Council.

Ashfield Independent Working All Year Round candidates won five seats on the council, the Conservatives three and Selston Parish Independents one.

Independents in Ashfield, Kirkby and Sutton have stunned Nottinghamshire County Council by gaining six County Council seats.

They polled over 10,000 votes and gained five seats from Labour.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield Independents said, “This is a victory for hard word and dedication to our communities. When I said we could do this - people simply didn’t believe me. To win a few is remarkable but to win big like we have done, for a political party that didn’t even exist 18 months ago is the highlight of my political career.”

Speaking after the final votes were anounced Leader of Ashfield District Council Councillor Cheryl Butler said: “I think Brexit has had something to do with it, going under the radar.

“We know we ahve worked really hard, we have done an open and honest campaign It is not for a lack of a credible policies.”

Here are the results of the 2017 Nottinghamshire County Council elections for the Ashfield district.

More when we have it.


Jason Zadrozny Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round 1524

Linford Gibbons Labour party 800

Jade Melissa Ancliff Conservative 505

Ian Wright UK Independence Party 211

Turnout 35.84 per cent

Kirkby North

John Knight Labour 1211

Sam Ancliff Conservative 951

Janet jeanes UKIP 400

John Ingram Liberal Democrats 111

Turnout 29.02 per cent

Kirkby South

Rachel Madden Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round 2364

Donna Gilbert Labour 981

Gabriella Wright UKIP 365

Mark Harrison Independent 114

Turnout 39.7 per cent

Sutton Central and East

Samantha Kay Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round 1758

Steven Carroll Labour 925

Sally Cook UKIP 241

Turnout 31.06 per cent

Sutton North

Helen-Ann Smith Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round 2370

Helen Hollis Labour 951

Geoff Thorpe UKIP 316

Turnout 35.98 per cent

Sutton West

Tom Hollis Ashfield Independents Working All Year round 2538

Gleyns Maxwell Labour 936

John Baker Conservative 295

Moira Sansom UKIP 168

Turnout 39.29 per cent


David Martin Selston Parish Independents 1848

Sam Wilson Independent 1719

Ruth Stevens Labour 567

Shanade Bradley Conservative 260

Carole Terzza UKIP 100

Turnout 44.29 per cent

Hucknall North

Ben Bradley Conservative 1539

Elisabeth Grice Labour 1141

Anthony Willmott Hucknall First Community Forum 282

Raymond Young UKIP 161

James Harvey Liberal Democrats 89

Turnout 39.06 per cent.

Hucknall South

Philip Rostance Conservative 1136

John Wilkinson Labour 1062

John Holland UKIP 313

Alexandra Sjoberg Weekes Liberal Democrats 97

Tunout 30.9 per cent

Hucknall West

Kevin Rostance Conservative 1535

Joseph Watkinson Labour 988

Stuart Bestwick UKIP 239

Geoffrey Ware Hucknall First Community Forum 160

Robert Charlesworth Liberal Democrats 54

Turnout 35.47 per cent