Labour candidate Ann Norman wins Mansfield by-election

LABOUR candidate ANN Norman has been elected to the Park Hall ward following a by-election in the Mansfield District.

The by-election was called following the death of local Councillor Dorothy Beastall on 6th May 2011.

Eligible voters in the Park Hall ward took to the polls on Thursday to choose who they would like to represent them.

The turn out for the by-election was 29.5 per cent (784 votes out of an electorate of 2,654) and the results are as follows:

Linda Davidson, Mansfield Independent Forum – 164 votes

Andrea Hamilton, UK Independence Party – 25 votes

Fraser McFarland, Conservative Party Candidate – 20 votes

Ann Norman, The Labour Party Candidate – 416 votes

Mark Jason Quick, Liberal Democrats – 157 votes

Two ballot papers were rejected as they were spoilt, unmarked or void for uncertainty.

Ann has lived in Mansfield Woodhouse for 44 years and is actively involved in the Mansfield District community.