Kirkby woman's death was 'senseless and tragic', murder trial hears

Aleksandra Mrozik
Aleksandra Mrozik

A woman died after she was stabbed by her partner just yards from her front door, a jury has heard.

Aleksandra Mrozik's death was both "senseless and tragic", say prosecutors, and she was a "completely innocent victim". Her friend, Wojcek Bocek, survived after he was also stabbed and suffered 16 wounds to his body.

Pawel Lupa, 47, of Gleneagles Drive, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, denies the murder of his girlfriend, Aleksandra, last July, and the attempted murder of Mr Bocek.

Lupa's trial at Nottingham Crown Court heard on Monday (May 15) they had all been drinking together at the couple's home when they argued.

Lupa called his girlfriend two abusive names and she told him he was "losing the plot". Later, there was a second argument, which the prosecution said, could easily have been over Lupa choosing to drive his car that night.

Lupa allegedly pushed Mr Bocek, but he responded by kicking out at the defendant with his legs.

Michael Auty QC, prosecuting, said: "He (Mr Bocek) recalls the defendant coming for him with a knife. He saw repeated flashes of silver, and he remembers the knife being about 35cm long overall, just under a foot, and having a straight edge, rather than serrated edge, to the blade.

"He estimates being stabbed between ten and 15 times, specifically to the arm, and elsewhere."

He repeatedly told the defendant to "leave him alone" but he wouldn't, the jury was told. The court also heard Mr Bocek tried to crawl towards the door to get away.

"Mr Bocek recalls he heard Aleksandra's voice coming from within the house shouting words akin to 'what have you done?'," Mr Auty added.

The jury also heard Mr Bocek tried to get help by banging on a neighbour's door, and saw Aleksandra coming out of the house with her hand over her left chest.

They were told she said words to the effect of: "I think he has stabbed me in my heart", and had tried to get across the road but never made it.

Emergency services began receiving reports from concerned residents in Gleneagles Drive at about 11.06pm about a violent incident taking place.

One man, who the prosecution say was Lupa, had a weapon of some description and a second man, Mr Bocek, was bleeding heavily, and going from house to house desperately seeking help.

Paramedics arrived and took Aleksandra to hospital but she never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead. She had various injuries.

The fatal wound was to the left side of her chest, glancing the side of her heart, and going through the diaphragm and into the liver and stomach. Her blood alcohol level was the equivalent of four times the legal limit for driving, the jury heard.

Mr Auty said: "Aleksandra Mrozic, known as Alex, was murdered on the evening of Saturday the 16th July, 2016. Her death was both senseless and tragic in equal measures. She died but a few yards away from the front door of her home, where she had gone to ground as the effects of the blood loss took their toll.

"She was, on any view, a completely innocent victim. The defendant, her partner of several years, stabbed her, and that is what killed her.

"As her life slowly ebbed away, Pawel Lupa devoted his attention to attempting to kill Wojcek Bocek, their friend. He said Lupa never called for the help Aleksandra so obviously and desperately needed."

The trial continues.

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