Kirkby teens given taste of outdoors with Army Cadets

Brigadeer Greville Bibby of 15 (North East) Brigade with a group of senior cadets from Durham ACF.
Brigadeer Greville Bibby of 15 (North East) Brigade with a group of senior cadets from Durham ACF.

YOUNG people from Kirkby will be able to pick up a host of new skills, from building a raft to surviving outdoors, when they spend a week with the Army Cadets.

They are among 24 from across the county who are part of the Catch22 Nottingham Positive Futures programme, which supports those who have experienced problems at home or in their neighbourhood.

The teenagers, who live on the town’s Coxmoor estate, will be taking part in an Army Cadet Force Youth and Community Project called Outreach.

Over the course of this week, the young people will be based at Beckingham Training Area, where they will spend time with Army Cadets.

They will learn various new skills, as well as obtain a basic first aid certificate through the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart initiative.

Dawn Shillingford, who is project manager for Nottingham Positive Futures Catch22 said:”We are delighted to work with Nottinghamshire Army Cadets.

“They have planned a fabulous package of challenges and fun.

“It’s a great opportunity for all the young people and I am certain they will all enjoy it and no doubt learn something new about themselves.”

The Outreach project is run by volunteer adult Army Cadet instructors and cadet members from across the county.

The programme is designed to help disadvantaged young people gain confidence, develop self-esteem and realise their potential by taking part in a programme of challenging team-based activities.

Major Mark Watson said: “The Outreach programme attempts to instil confidence in young people.

“The idea is to take them out of their comfort zone and home environment.

“It will be mentally and physically challenging so they gain a real sense of achievement when they complete it.”

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