Kirkby's 'Fat Rabbit' cafe is up for sale

A local buyer is being sought for the Fat Rabbit in Kirkby.
A local buyer is being sought for the Fat Rabbit in Kirkby.

A much-loved Kirkby cafe and micropub needs new management as the owner says he has to step away form the business for personal reasons.

Owner Adam Bright, 50, bought the cafe in March 2016 with his wife so the two could run the business together, but due to her ill health they have decided to sell the business 'to the right person'.

Adam, who also works in Health and Safety, said: "I always wanted to do it and my wife and I decided we would open it up as a joint business. Unfortunately she had a health scare this year and i've felt it's not something I can manage on my own."

The Portland Park cafe is now on the market with Ellis & Ellis for around £37,000, incorporating the Fat Rabbit conservatory micropub in the same building, for evening events.

Last year it made around £110,000 in sales over eight months.

The owners had a number of burglaries last year and was later reduced to open only at weekends. It is much loved by local regulars who have shared their sadness to see it's being sold, but is promised to remain open.

Adam added: "We love our customers and we love everything about the place, and we aren't going to close in any shape or form."

"We want to get someone else in quickly as we can to learn the ropes by Easter.

"It's very important that it goes to the right person because it's going to be our local and we want to be able to still go in there."