Kirkby residents get £500 deposit back - after more than half a yer

KIRKBY residents who waited more than half a year for their £500 deposits to be returned from a renewable energy firm have at last received their money.

A fortnight ago, Chad reported that John and Lynn Stafford had been waiting seven months for Redditch-based firm Energy Saving Group to refund the £500 for solar panels which could not be fitted to their Greenacres home.

The couple had handed over the money back in January but after a survey of their property, they were told that it was not suitable for solar panels.

Despite this, the firm had failed to pay their deposit back.

But after contacting Chad and Ashfield MP Gloria de Piero, they finally received their cheque on 20th August.

Mr Stafford said: “It was so frustrating. If I came up to you and said, ‘lend me £500 interest free for almost a year’ what would you say?

“It’s supposed to be a Government scheme but they are bringing the Government into disrepute.”

Meanwhile, fellow Greenacres resident Doreen Stout also paid Energy Saving Group a £500 deposit for solar panels in February.

She too was told that her home was not suitable for the panels, which generate electricity from the sun’s energy.

She has also now received her refund at the same time as her neighbours.

Meanwhile, Mrs Stout has praised Miss de Piero as well as Jim Aspinall, who works at her Kirkby office, for the work they did to secure their refunds.

She said: “He must have pulled out all the stops.”

Gloria de Piero has also said that she is happy the situation has been resolved.

She added: “I’m really pleased we got a result for them.

“Getting results for people is what I’m here for and it’s the best bit about this job.

“We’re working on similar cases to ensure everyone gets what’s due to them.”

Despite attempts to contact the firm, no-one from Energy Saving Group was available for comment when Chad went to press.