Kirkby mum’s pledge to keep son’s memory alive

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An inspiring Kirkby woman who has been diagnosed with the same rare genetic disorder that claimed the life of her son has vowed to keep his memory alive by helping others.

Luke Morton was just 20 year old when he died suddenly in February 2013 from sudden cardiac death syndrome - which involved 19 separate cardiac arrests.

A post mortem found there was nothing physiologically wrong with his heart, but was caused by genetic disorder causing a disturbance in the electrical current in his body.

His mum Suzanne Morton, 46, of Clumer Street, has found out she has the same rare disorder and was the carrier but has pledged to raise cash and awareness to help others who may have it too.

The syndrome is usually prominent in fit and healthy adults aged between 17 and 35.

There is a simple screening process which shows whether a person has genetics for sudden cardiac arrest syndrome to occur - which is not currently compulsory on the NHS. But Suzanne is hoping to raise £3,500 to have a screening programme for the target age group in the area,

She said; “When Luke died it was terrible. It really was but I wanted to know why it happened.

“There is a screening process but that costs money.

“I just want to help others so that they don’t have to go through what we went through.”

Twelve people die every week due to cardiac arrest syndrome but counties that have the screening process, like, Italy, have a 85 per cent dropped death rate.

Suzanne added: “Why I have lasted until 46 doctors can’t say. But I am determined to use this to help others.

“If I can stop one mum feeling how I feel then everything I do it worth it.”

Luke, a former Ashfield School pupil, played a key role in the opening and closing Olympics in London 2012.

He was passionate about the arts and was a member of the school’s choir, and was also the first person at his school to win the prestigious gold Arts Award, which is issued by the Arts Council.

The inspirational family are raising cash for Cardiac Arrest in the Young (CRY).

A group of 15 took on a sponsored cycle to raise cash for the cause.

The energetic team cycles the distance from Land’s End to John O’ Groats - a staggering 606 miles. It took the bunch just under 12 hours to complete the challenge - which took place outside Asda.

Suzanne said: “We got a really good response. So many people were asking about the charity so it’s great to get the information out there.”

They raised £1,480 and Suzanne thanked everyone who donated.

The next fundraiser is in February - the second anniversary of Luke’s death - where Suzanne will have her head shaved.

Visit to donate.