Kirkby market stalls for sale on Ebay

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Eagle-eyed Kirkby residents have uncovered former market stalls being flogged on auction site, Ebay.

The stall covers - complete with lighting are being sold on the popular selling website for a starting bid of £500.

But many residents have questioned the sale - as it actually stated the seller is from Newark.

Many posted on social media sites, asking whether the authority would be putting the cash back into council funds.

Leader of Ashfield District Council Chris Baron said: “Any sale of any council item would absolutely be going back into the council.”

He said sales of former council property is not normally sold on Ebay, but sold by sealed tenders.

He said it was awful people thought the council or members would be pocketing the cash.

Chad contacted the seller and told their company was contracted by Nottinghamshire County Council to dispose of the old stalls from Kirkby market.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: “We thought they were really artistic and beautiful pieces of art, so decided to sell them on.”

But since found the stalls were rusty and in disrepair.

“The stalls were not in very good conditio so they have had to be used for scrap. It is a real shame. The new pop up ones aren’t nearly as nice.”

The listing, which is currently still live on the site, was meant to be removed, but problems with the owner’s internet meant this was not possible.

The stalls have been scrapped due to the regeneration on the centre, which involves the new ‘pop up’ stalls.