Kirkby man jailed after sneaking into ex’s bed

A heating engineer has been jailed after breaking into his ex-partner’s home and climbing into bed with her.

The terrified woman awoke to find Paul Sims’ hand on her hip as she lay on her side in bed on 8th February.

Neil Holett, prosecuting, told Mansfield Magistrates’ Court how she struck Sims (36), of Ruby Gardens, Kirkby, with her elbow when he tried to pull her towards him then cried out for help.

Said Mr Hollett: “She managed to pull herself free and ran out of the bedroom.”

Mr Hollett said Sims’ grabbed his victim from behind, placing his hand over her mouth and warning her not to answer the door when a neighbour knocked on the kitchen window to check on her after hearing her cries.

“He sat her down on the settee,” said Mr Hollett.

“She felt him loosen his grip and shrugged him off.”

The court was told how Sims’ ex-partner managed to escape the house with the help of her neighbour then called the police.

Mr Hollett said Sims had been separated from the woman for eight months but was jealous of her new relationship.

He added: “The complainant said directly after she felt anxiety and fear made worse by living in her home.”

Sims had admitted using violence to secure entry and assault by beating at a previous hearing.

Simon King, defending, said: “I am sure you will be shocked at the allegations. One person who has not had that realisation is Mr Sims.

“I think he struggles to understand the impact he had on the complainant.”

Magistrates gave Sims 26 weeks in prison and told him: “The offences are so serious only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”