Kirkby fly-tipper hit with cash fine

A KIRKBY woman has been fined £415 for two incidents of fly-tipping in a nearby field.

Ashfield District Council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement found documents belonging to Shelley Coupe amongst piles of rubbish in the fields near Beacon Drive in the town.

Miss Coupe (27) of Spinney Close, was invited to attend an interview with the council officers, where she admitted the waste belonged to her.

However she claimed she did not know how the waste had ended up at the two sites.

The officers decided that the case would be taken to court as either a fly-tipping or Duty of Care prosecution.

Miss Coupe attended a hearing on 13th July at Mansfield Magistrates Court, where she pleaded not guilty to the fly-tipping or Duty of Care offences and therefore a second date for court was made.

She then attended a second hearing at the Court on 31st August, where she again pleaded not guilty to the two cases.

As both flytips, contained a significant amount of litter which could be traced back to Miss Coupe, the court found her guilty of two breaches of her Householders Duty of Care and she was fined a total of £415.

Speaking after the verdict Edd de Coverly, Head of Neighbourhood Services said the case served as a warning to others.

He said: “Failure to comply with the Duty of Care is a serious offence and this case shows it carries a serious penalty, which ultimately could be up to a £5000 fine.

“The Council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers work tirelessly to investigate littering cases and to help keep the district clean.”