Kirkby drug addict who stole from his own mum is jailed

AN ex-prisoner who stole £1,200 worth of jewellery from his mother’s home, is back behind bars.

Carl Renshaw (30) of David Street, Kirkby, wanted money to pay for heroin, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

He was staying at his mother’s address after his release from custody and she had installed locks on certain rooms.

Renshaw was originally given a community sentence for the burglary but went on to commit further offences and, on Friday, was jailed for two years and three months.

Last December he was sentenced to 18 months supervision and drug rehabilitation for the burglary.

But on 15th May this year he stole power tools and electronic equipment from a glass company on a Kirkby industrial estate after smashing a window with a brick, said Christopher Lowe, prosecuting.

A few days later he was caught with £800 worth of cannabis on him.

He also had deal bags and a butcher’s knife.

Text messages on his mobile phone were consistent with dealing drugs.

He admitted possession with intent to supply, having a blade and asked for seven other commercial burglaries to be considered. His previous offences included arson.

In mitigation it was said he had trouble re-adjusting when released from prison and became dependent on drugs.

He had lived in a static caravan in Kirkby.

Judge Joan Butler re-sentenced him to 12 months for the burglary at his mother’s and gave him a further 15 months for the drugs offence.