KIRKBY CRASH: Residents react

Bystanders and residents have speculated that incident on Kingsway earlier today (February 15) involved a motorcyclist and a car.

Friday, 15th February 2019, 11:44 am
Updated Friday, 15th February 2019, 12:48 pm
The scene on Kingsway

One bystander said: "It looked as though a motorcyclist hit a car as he was turning - I saw the motorcyclist after, I hope he's ok."

Another bystander, who was shopping at the time said: "There was two people on motorbikes and I heard them screeching around the corner - It looked like one went into a car."

Another shopper added: "We were in Morrison's, and came out and saw all the road taped off and all the traffic backed up. I hope whoever it is wasn't too badly hurt."

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The scene on Kingsway

A market trader added: "I heard it was a motorbike incident but I din't see what happened, just saw all the police cars and an ambulance, then the police shut all the road off."

"At the end of forest street there was a car and what looked like a motorcyclist on the road. The ambulance was there too. I'm hoping all involved are ok, it was awful to see." Added another witness.

Traffic is still moving slowly along Diamond avenue.

Trentbarton bus company tweeted: "We have just heard that there has been an accident on Kingsway in Kirkby. Our threes are having to us Diamond Avenue and Derby Road in both directions to and from Nottingham missing the whole of Kingsway."