Kirkby Cashino centre raises record £100,000 for CHIPS charity

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Staff and customers at the Cashino gaming centre in Kirkby are celebrating helping to raise a record £100,000 in just 12 months for CHIPS, a charity which provides specialised powered wheelchairs for young people with severe mobility problems.

The money raised by the Lowmoor Road centre has resulted in 17 deserving youngsters around the country receiving state-of-the-art wheelchairs and enjoying a freedom of movement they never experienced before.

CHIPS is a charity founded by the casino and gaming industry. Cashino and sister organisation, Beacon Bingo, support it each year with a host of fundraising activities ranging from sponsored activities such as bungee jumps and five-a-side football to local collections and raffles.

Since they began working with the charity in 2005 they have raised more than £250,000 and presented more than 80 custom built wheelchairs to children, catering for their individual needs.

Each wheelchair costs between £5,500 and £6,000 to make.

Phil Gibbs, marketing manager for Cashino is proud to have raised so much in one year. said: “CHIPS is a very worthy cause for our fundraising - the wheelchairs make such a difference to the lives of these young people, helping them become more mobile and do a lot of things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

“It’s been a great effort by our staff and customers this year and hopefully our continued efforts will help to raise much needed funds for many more wheelchairs in the future.”

Linda Lindsay, Co-founder of CHIPS charity, added: “Cashino is one of our main fundraisers and were it not for them, these children wouldn’t have an opportunity to combat their disabilities with such a valuable resource.

“I know both everyone at the charity and the recipients themselves are all very grateful to those involved.”

Pictured are Linda Lindsay and Phil Gibbs.