Kirkby builder jailed for possession of knife

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An unemployed builder has been jailed for 12 weeks after admitting throwing a pair of knives into a garden to hide them.

Mansfield magistrates heard how the large kitchen knives were found by police after they conducted a search of a property on a Poplar Avenue, Kirkby, on 5th July.

Robert Parr, prosecuting, told the court how James Davis (22), of Beacon Drive, Kirkby, refused to leave his cell afterwards for a police interview.

He added: “Police report Mr Davis was intoxicated but not dangerous.”

Sarah Neale, defending, said Davis had taken the knives from a friend he had just bumped into who seemed agitated in an attempt to ‘relieve the tension his friend was experiencing.’

She added: “Davis appreciated police were in the vicinity - he was in drink and had knives in a public place.

“Rather than hand them in to police he has pocketed and thrown the knives into a garden.”

Ms Neale said Davis was still agitated at the police station and that was why he refused to provide an interview.

The court was told how Davis had struggled to remain in long-term employment after serving a custodial sentence and was reliant on jobseekers’ allowance.

She added: “He has a four-year-old son but is no longer in a relationship with his mother.”

Davis was given 12 weeks to be served concurrently for each count of possessing a knife.

A magistrate said: “The reason we are sending you to prison is the public perceive knife offences as so serious and possession of any knife is very serious indeed.

“We are going to order the destruction of these knives.”