King’s Mill’s Macmillan mobile information stand

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FOR cancer sufferers getting the right advice and support is a vital step on the road to recovery but Mansfield and Ashfield folk may not realise this service is on their doorstep.

MACMILLAN’S mobile information stand at King’s Mill Hospital provides free, confidential, local and national information about support, diagnosis and treatment.

The mobile is run by Jo Gregg, Macmillan cancer support manager. She said: “The centre is just off the main entrance of the hospital which means there are lots of opportunities for people to come in with questions.

“We offer a friendly face when you need information and support over a good cup of tea. We have time to listen to what is important to you and we have lots of knowledge on where to get the local help you need.

“If you have a question about cancer pop in for a chat or give us a call.”

Jenny Phelps (58), of Sutton, was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year and has been undergoing treatment since at King’s Mill Hospital.

She said: “Jo was a real help. She was able to tell me on the spot what I could do and what options might be available.

“She helped me to apply for a Macmillan grant so I didn’t have to worry about paying bills on top on getting through the cancer treatment.”

“I am very thankful to Jo and Macmillan.”