King’s Mill Hospital: Outstanding level of care

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A good friend of mine was recently admitted to King’s Mill hospital through the Accident and Emergency Dept. From there she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit and then to Ward 43.

Sadly this great lady succumbed and died.

But during her time at Kings Mill Hospital in every department mentioned above her treatment was astounding, exemplary.

From the domestic, kitchen staff, health care assistants, qualified staff, doctors, consultants and anyone else concerned with her time at the hospital that I have not mentioned, her comfort and well being was of the utmost importance to everyone.

The end of this lady’s life was treated with compassion, privacy, sympathy and the utmost care in making an extremely difficult time for everyone involved into a experience be it so final filled with peace caring and love.

Her palliative care was outstanding.

All the staff were professional, knowledgeable, approachable, compassionate and caring.

I thank you King’s Mill and everyone who we met whilst visiting our friend.

Your care was second to none.

Denise Issott