Kilburn man fined £1,060 for his messy garden

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A borough council has fined a Kilburn man for keeping excessive amounts of building materials, plumbing fittings and pipes in his garden.

Amber Valley Borough Council charged Mr Hackett, of Chapel Street, on 31st October with non-compliance with a notice requiring the proper maintenance of his garden and removal of waste.

Hackett failed to appear before Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court. He was found guilty in his absence and fined a total £1,060, including costs and victim surcharge.

The council became involved in September 2012 after a neighbour complained about the condition of Hackett’s garden.

He was initially given warnings to remove the waste materials, but little changed and it became necessary for the council to serve a notice requiring works to be carried out.

When the problem continued, the council decided to take him to court for non-compliance with the notice.

Coun Liz Bowley, cabinet portfolio holder with responsibility for planning matters, said: “We respect that people may wish to use their gardens to store materials, but when this becomes an unsightly eyesore, it can become an issue.

“This case illustrates the Council’s determination to use all its powers, where necessary including prosecution, to ensure that the amenity of an area is not adversely affected by the condition of a garden or piece of land.”