Kieran, 21, was ‘the happiest in a long while’ before he passed away

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A mother has paid tribute to her son after he sadly died after a night out celebrating with his friends and colleagues.

Kieran Wilkinson, 21, from Mansfield Woodhouse, sadly passed away on January 5, at King’s Mill Hospital after he suffered what is believed to have been a seizure when he was out celebrating with friends after a promotion at work where he worked as a barman.

Kieran’s mum, Mandy Long, described him as being ‘the happiest he had been in a while’ before he died.

Mandy said: “He was generally really happy. He had heard that he was due to be promoted so he had gone out for the night to celebrate after work.

“We’re still not 100 per cent sure what happened but we believe it was a seizure outside the club. But we don’t know for sure. We can only go on the CCTV and what the police have told us.”

Mandy described Kieran as ‘very sociable and loud.’

She said: “You always knew when he was around.”

Kieran was autistic and was on the spectrum. He also had epilepsy.

Mandy said: “He was very clever and a very intelligent little boy.

“He was walking before one and was a complete chatterbox. He was a beautiful baby.

“He was accident prone but when he was five-years-old we found out he had a lazy eye so he had to wear glasses for a while.”

Kieran tried a few jobs before finding something he really liked.

Mandy said: “He finally found a job which he liked and which suited him which was a barman.

“Because of his epilepsy he had to take medication which made him groggy in the morning so he went to work in a bar which was afternoon and evening work. He was always better after lunch.

“And he was able to listen to music and interact with people.

“He did enjoy working there and it gave him a lot more confidence.”

In his spare time Kieran loved listening to music, particularly rave music.

Mandy said: “He loved rave music. You would usually find him at a rave. He was massively into music.

“He was quite outgoing and he loved to be with his friends. He was just a normal 21-year-old.”