Kids Squad 26th September - Hop along to a bunny workshop at Pets at Home

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And despite the weather getting cooler there are still plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy this autumn.

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Hop along to bunny event

ANY young readers who have a rabbit can find out more about looking after their pet by hopping along to a workshop in Mansfield.

This week is Rabbit Awareness Week, and Pets at Home is hosting a series of free educational events for children to find out how to take care of bunnies responsibly.

Giving rabbits the wrong food can be more harmful to their health than those of other pets like cats and dogs.

So experts from Pets at Home want owners to discover more about the nutrition rabbits need to keep their digestive system working properly and to maintain a healthy weight.

The workshops will run at 12noon on both Saturday and Sunday at Pets at Home, on the Portland Retail Park in Mansfield. There will also be chance to learn how to handle rabbits properly with the help of experts.

Pets at Home store manager Andrew Thompson said: “Many rabbit owners are surprised to find out that eating too many carrots and fruit are bad for their pet.

“They are high in sugar so should only be fed as an occasional treat. Also, a lot of people don’t realise that eating iceberg lettuce can actually be life threatening. Rabbits need to eat at least their own body size in good, quality hay every single day, alongside small pieces of fresh leafy vegetables and rabbit nuggets.”