Kids couldn’t wait to get to school

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I COULD not believe my eyes when I got up the morning when my children started back to school after the school holidays. My children sat having their breakfast looking happy, full of chatter and neatly dressed. On a normal school day I have to call them more than once to get them up. I asked them why they were so keen to start back to school.

It was because having spent six boring weeks on the back garden, school would be great.

Parents today are increasingly worried about the safety of their children outside the home, and so are restricting their behaviour more than ever. I do my best for the children, but being a single parent and money is in short supply

I work part-ime but it is still a struggle. Their grandfather did treat them to a day out at the seaside and said they were so happy there. My father said when he was a child Rainworth was lacking outdoor leisure. It would be nice if there was a park in the village, well staffed to stop bullies and drunken youths.

Rainworth is no longer a small village, new houses are being built, hundreds of children are missing out on a happy childhood, playing outside is a part of a child’s education, it helps to provide a healthy mind and body.

Rainworth mum,

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