Kebab tourists travel to Huthwaite after 1.2 MILLION people view chippy video

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A series of huge kebab concoctions are attracting fast food tourists to Huthwaite from all over the country.

Videos from the Chip Inn are going viral on Facebook as devoted foodsters wait for their next meaty fix.

One video - The Chip Inn special 12” meat box. Chips cheese Döner kebab and chicken kebab - has attracted 1.2 MILLION views

Megan Altinoz, who runs the chippy on Sutton Road,said:

“We’ve recently devised a few new box meals and posted videos of them on our Facebook page.

“The videos took off and went viral within days.

“We’ve had people travel from all over the country to try the boxes.

“We had a group come from Wolverhampton solely to try the box and last night a group of people drove two and a half hours to try all our boxes and have their picture taken and posted on our page.

“It’s now turned into a challenge with people willing to travel from Devon to be the winner of who travelled the furthest.”