Jubilee Kirkby shop hunt winners revealed

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THE winners of a jubilee-themed shop treasure hunt have been announced after around 500 people took part in the competition.

As previously reported in Chad, around 50 shops in Kirkby agreed to get involved in the window-spotting event.

All the shops taking part had an item in their window which had something to do with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and each shop had its own unique number on their item.

About 10,000 leaflets were then printed and handed out to local schools and made available at the library, where people could match up the right items to the right store.

Nina Bianco, who runs Kirkby Sales and Exchange and is a member of the Kirkby Retailers association, said around 500 people, young and old, joined in the fun.

Jack Foster (10), from Kirkby, won the £100 first prize, Brandon Smith (10), from Kirkby, picked up the £60 second place prize and nine-year-old Harry Stevens, from Kirkby, won £40 for finishing third.

All of the winners received trophies which had been donated by Showstoppers Rosettes and Trophies.

The idea of the competition, which ran throughout June, was to run a scheme which was free for the community to get involved with and increase the footfall in Kirkby’s shops.

It is hoped similar events will be organised in the future.