Join mass photograph in Mansfield for time capsule under new bus station

PEOPLE in Mansfield are being invited to play their part in history – by gathering in the town’s market place for a mass photograph which will be buried in a time capsule, along with other items, at the end of October.

Nottinghamshire County Council, which is organising the event, wants as many people as possible to gather outside Mansfield’s town hall for the photograph at 11am on Thursday, 13th September.

The subsequent image will be placed in a time capsule which is to be buried beneath the town’s new bus station which is currently being built.

The idea behind the time capsule is that contains snapshots – literal and otherwise – of one day in the life of Mansfield.

As well as the mass photograph, the County Council is asking a wide cross-section of people to record their thoughts and experiences of life in the town on September 13.

The results will be put into the specially lined and sealed metal capsule which will be buried inside the bus station in October under special commemorative tiles.

“We want to make the capsule a unique snapshot of life in Mansfield,” says Jan Pauley of the County Council’s highways major projects team.

“We thought the best way to do that would be to ask Mansfield people to record their thoughts and experiences of life in the town at a particular point in time.”

Schools, hospitals and the emergency services have all been asked to take part, as have Mansfield Town FC, Mansfield Palace Theatre, the town museum, all the bus companies which will be using the new station, County Council Chairman Coun Carol Pepper, town mayor Tony Eggington – and a local pensioners’ luncheon club.

The town’s hospital will be recording all the events taking place within its walls on that day. Similarly, the police and fire and rescue will be submitting their call-outs, while schools will be including project work they’ve done on the Olympics and the Jubilee.

“All in all, it will give anyone digging up the capsule in the future a real taste of what life will have been like for Mansfield on one single day back in 2012,” added Jan.

Coun Richard Jackson, chairman of the County Council’s transport and highways committee, urged people to find the time to take part.

“This is a great opportunity for the people of Mansfield to be part of history in the making,” he said.

“What a fascinating legacy to leave for future generations to rediscover. I would urge as many people as possible to take part.”