John-Paul Johnson murder: Pair jailed for combined 35 years, third defendant admits perverting course of justice

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TWO men have been jailed for a combined 35 years for the murder of their housemate at a halfway home in Mansfield.

Carl Green (25), above, received 19 years and Christopher Buckland (30), below, was sentenced to 16 years for the brutal killing of former Stanton Hill man John-Paul Johnson (42) on 25th October last year.

Both have already served 314 days in custody, Nottingham Crown Court was told this morning (Thursday).

A third defendant, Daniel Bastable, was found not guilty of murder but admitted perverting the course of justice and was jailed for two-and-a-half years, minus the 314 days he has already served.

Mr Johnson died as a result of chest injuries caused by a sustained assault carried out by Green and Buckland.

They then carried Mr Johnson to his room, locking the door and leaving him to die.

Det Insp Rob McKinnell, who investigated the murder, said: “This was a prolonged attack on John Paul Johnson by men whom he would probably have considered to be friends or associates.

“They had all been together in the house they shared where they continued drinking and talking. Unfortunately things then turned nasty when John Paul said something the others didn’t agree with.
“He was subjected to a prolonged attack and severely assaulted, and while Green and Buckland admitted their guilt, Mr Johnson’s family still had to sit through a trial where they have had to listen to graphic details about how their loved one died.

“John Paul Johnson’s murder is yet another case of needless violence taking the life of someone far too early. We will continue to provide support for Mr Johnson’s family at this difficult time, and our thoughts today remain with them.”

In a statement, Mr Johnson’s family said: “No guilty plea or sentence can ever compensate for our loss.

“What is more, the trial of Daniel Bastable has meant that the minute details of John Paul’s cruel death have been described in court, which has been unbearable for us to endure.

“Circumstances had brought John Paul to live under the same roof as those who took his life, and it is painful to know that a place he had gone to for shelter and sanctuary could not ultimately guarantee either for him.

“He must have been in unimaginable pain from the injuries these two individuals brutally inflicted upon him simply because of a trivial disagreement.

“I hope his murderers realise not only the pain they have caused us, but also the pointlessness of their actions, which have cost a man his life and deprived themselves of their liberty.”