John-Paul Johnson murder: Man rolled himself ciagarette moments after punching and kicking murder victim

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A MANSFIELD man, who has admitted killing 42-year-old John-Paul Johnson after a late night argument, says he sat down and rolled himself a cigarette after punching and kicking the victim in the face several times.

Carl Green (25), who admitted to the murder of Mr Johnson on 13th August, said he then watched Christopher Buckland (30) and Daniel Bastable (20) stamp on the man’s chest as he lay bleeding on the floor by the sofa.

The violence happened in Buckland’s ground floor room at a halfway house for vulnerable and homeless people on Chesterfield Road South in Mansfield in the early hours of 25th October last year.

Buckland has also admitted a charge of murder but Bastable denies having anything to do with the late-night incident.

During day five of the trial at Nottingham Crown Court, which is expected to last another week, Green told the jury that he had been drunk and had lost his temper after jibes from Mr Johnson about his former girlfriend Nikita Fisher.

Green said he punched the victim about four times in the face and then kicked him in the face another four or five times when he was on the floor before sitting down to smoke a cigarette.

“I saw blood on my t-shirt (a white England football shirt), so I stopped to sit down in the chair and rolled a cigarette to calm myself down, that’s when Bastable and Buckland started to stamp on him, it was at the same time,” said Green.

“They both stamped on him about four or five times each, they used quite a bit of force, the same force I had been using.”

Green said that Buckland was stamping on Mr Johnson’s chest and Bastable was stamping around his hips and upper legs.

He said that when Bastable was stamping on Mr Johnson, Bastable said that if you mess with ‘my man’ (presumed to be Green), then you mess with us all.

Buckland apparently swore at Mr Johnson during the attack and made a comment about him charging too much for fixing up his television aerial.

It was alleged earlier this week that Green had stuffed tobacco into John-Paul Johnson’s mouth when was slumped in the hallway of the halfway house, but he denied this and also denied that it had been his idea to make up a false story about the incident to the police.

During cross-examination by QC Tim Spencer, Green also denied provoking or intimidating Buckland into attacking Mr Johnson or provoking Bastable into his alleged involvement in the assault.

He said he spent around 45 minutes cleaning his clothes after the attack in the washing machine but could not explain how the trainers he had been wearing ended up in nettles outside the halfway house.

“I don’t know how my trainers got in the nettles, all I know is that I needed to get rid of them, I know how it looks, it looks suspicious,” added Green.

Green accepted that he had caused all the injuries to Mr Johnson’s face but denied using a food can or a trifle to attack the victim.

The jury was also told that a text message was sent to Nikita Fisher during the early hours of 25th October by Bastable, saying ‘Greeny has stomped Jonno out and he needs to get his clothes out of the house’.

The trial continues.