Jobs under threat with Bilsthorpe factory set to close

Noble Foods in Bilsthorpe
Noble Foods in Bilsthorpe

Jobs are being put at risk after the owners of an egg-processing factory in Bilsthorpe announced it is set to close later in the year.

Staff at Noble Foods Ltd, on The Moor, were told on Friday they face redundancy as the company revealed plans to move production.

The firm says it has reached an agreement, in principle, to buy two factories in Harrogate and Gainsborough from another egg-processing company - Manton’s.

The deal is expected to go through on 21st February, with Noble saying: “The integration of these two businesses is planned to result in the relocation of Noble’s current liquid egg manufacturing from Bilsthorpe to the acquired factories during 2014.

“This would provide a beneficial, long-term, competitive and sustainable route to market for Noble’s liquid egg products and enable the business to continue to grow. The new business will trade as Noble Egg Innovations.

“We are also proposing to close the Bilsthorpe site later in 2014, and the other divisions operating there would be relocated to Noble’s other sites.

“We regret the potential loss of jobs caused by the change and are absolutely committed to supporting affected colleagues.”

They said a formal consultation was in place, but would not comment on how many redundancies were in the pipeline. One employee, who did not want to be named, said more than 100 were told they were at risk.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer said: “I’m disappointed that they would consider choosing to do this.

“They have the Bilsthorpe plant with a very loyal, hard-working group of people.

“It seems unfortunate that there is good news out there with companies creating jobs, but it seems like two steps forward one step back in this case.”

Only last year Noble Foods Ltd had outlined plans to move their factory to Walesby, just 10 miles away.