Job march through Mansfield

A MARCH to mark the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade and raise awareness of unemployment issues will be passing through Mansfield next month.

The Jarrow Crusade took place in October 1936 as a protest against widespread unemployment and extreme poverty suffered in the north east of England.

Around 200 unemployed workers marched from the village of Jarrow on the River Tyne to Westminster to lobby parliament and now a repeat ‘crusade’ has been organised by Youth Fights for Jobs.

The march, which is being backed by trade unions including Public and Commercial Services and Rail and Maritime and Transport Workers, will start from Jarrow on 1st October and is due to come through Mansfield on 14th October at 2.30pm.

Karen Seymour, of the Mansfield Socialist Party, has urged young people to attend the march in support of those out who are currently out of employment.

“Everyone can come and support the young people marching through Mansfield on 14th October, to help them to send a clear message to the Government that they will not be a lost generation,” she said.

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