Job centre admits its mistake

A SELF-EMPLOYED English teacher has hit out at the Department for Work and Pensions it described him as on temporary release from prison in a letter by mistake.

Shirebrook man Antony Lyons, 56, said he was shocked when a letter came through the post in March informing him that because of this he could no longer claim jobseeker’s allowance.

Mr Lyons, who teaches pre-entry GCSE to people outside mainstream education, had decided to go into business for himself after being made redundant in 2011.

He is concerned that being described as a prisoner on temporary release will effect his ability to attract work.

He said: “I have worked on Job Centre Plus contracts and If they have me down as a prisoner that could still be on the system.

“If it is on the system I want it taking off. It is defamatory.”

The ex-miner said despite repeated emails from the manager of Shirebrook Job Centre to the Birmingham office which issued the notice he was in the dark about what action was being taken.

He added: “The job centre are the first to complain if you do something wrong but I want something in writing so I know it has been taken off.”

A spokesman for the DWP said: “It was an error - we have either apologised or are about to apologise.”